Let’s integrate together

The medEbridge®
Application Programming Interface (API)

To ensure medEbridge® can meet the needs of our customers, the platform offers two ways to access the system. Customers can choose to connect via our easy to use, secure web portal, or via a RESTful API which provides a more seamless and integrated purchasing experience.

medEbridge’s RESTful Web API 2 framework uses the FHIR 2.11 medical data standard to allow for quick, secure and efficient exchange of health information. It is built upon best practice principals and industry recognised standards.

You can learn more about API options and access technical specifications here.

Let’s integrate together

medEbridge has several existing API integrations with systems including:

(Practice Management Systems)

  • Medical Director
  • Best Practice
  • Practice Manager
  • Helius

(Case Management Software)

  • Guidewire
  • Fineos
  • Claim Vantage

Payments Systems

  • Matter Accounts (part of the MatterSphere solution)
  • Stripe

Ready to integrate?

All the details you’ll need to integrate with medEbridge® can be found at our integration information centre. This includes information to get you started, resources to provide context and all the documents you need to integrate.

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