Bridging the gap between Australian
businesses and healthcare providers

Our story began in 1997 when our founders set out to use technology to solve a growing problem experienced by Australian businesses: how to locate and access a health service from the highly fragmented healthcare industry.

The solution was medEbridge®, an online platform to bridge the gap between the services that a business needs and the healthcare providers that deliver those services.

Today, in real time, businesses use medEbridge® to search our national marketplace of GPs, Specialists, Nurses, Allied Health Practitioners and more. From these providers they procure products, services and information that support Australians with their health decisions and care. Business users track the progress of their requests, communicate directly with providers, exchange information easily and securely and analyse the services received.

The end result is easy, fast and secure access to healthcare services for businesses, with an improved experience and health outcomes for the consumer.

Whether you are a provider or business, sign up to medEbridge® and you will enjoy

Provider benefits

  • A compliant system that allows you to offer your services to any or all of your clients
  • More work from multiple sources
  • Easy and secure digital information transmission
  • Integration with practice management systems
  • Less cancellations and no-shows
  • More time to focus on delivery of services

Business benefits

  • Reduced administration burden for your assessment and admin teams
  • Secure, allowing you to rest easy knowing your member/claimant data is protected
  • Real time access to Australian healthcare providers and services
  • Full visibility of all requests, progress and outcomes in one seamless location
  • Transparency of provider performance
  • A publicly facing API that integrates with claims management systems, rules engines, workflow management tools, DMS Tool, finance systems, and more

Why medEbridge®?

medEbridge® is flexible, modular and scalable. From its inception to today, the platform is built around:

Robust security

A fundamental pillar of medEbridge® is the handling and exchange of sensitive health information with the utmost care. Our security systems and plans are ISO27001 accredited and meet the stringent needs of major financial institutions and government agencies.

Full transparency

medEbridge® provides unrivalled insight and access to healthcare providers, products and services. Once you have made a request, you have full visibility of progress and outcomes, plus full provider performance analytics at your fingertips.

Seamless integration

medEbridge® is all about easy access to healthcare services. Key to this are simple, standardised processes and integration with core systems (such as ClaimVantage, FINEOS and Guidewire) to make the provision and procurement of health services efficient and fast.